Anchor Steel Mesh


Made "onshore" at Anchor.

Anchor Steel Mesh

Anchor, Hot Dip Galvanizing to AS/NZ Standards
Unlike others who take short cuts with really poor quality.

Anchor Hot Dip Galv Panels

Anchor, powder coating panels with Dulux


 Get the best. Not some cheap coatings from who knows where.

Anchor Powder Coated Panel


Anchor Panels, actually Made in New Zealand

Anchor Panel Fence

Trusted Anchor Farm Fencing

 How often do you put up a fence?
Not very often – so buy a decent one.



Farm Fence

Anchor, WWR


Anchor WWR, Key ingredient  in the Cake tin recipe

Wellington Stadium

Anchor chain link


We've made more chain link than you've had hot dinners

North Harbour Softball



Welcome to Anchor Wire Ltd
est 1972

New Zealands leading manufacturer of
panels, gates, chain link, rural fencing & reinforcing products.

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p +649 266 6666
f +649 266 2992
131 Kerrs Rd  Manukau
Auckland, New Zealand
PO Box 97-855
Manukau City, Manukau 2241


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